Launching InnoAssist v1.0

What is InnoAssist?

InnoAssist system helps any organizations maintenance operations and managing the equipments by delivering better process communication, resource utilization and higher business efficiency. InnoAssist helps the team to track the scheduled maintenance and breakdown events with ease. InnoAssist is intended to help maintenance engineers/managers/users to do their jobs more effectively. InnoAssist is offered as both on premise and SaaS based product. This product helps in achieving the optimum Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and to reduce Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) across industries.

When we were discussing with various industries subject matter expertise (SME), we have identified the challenge of maintenance is common for everyone. If the user is a Manufacturer they are facing problems to collect the data from the various geo market where their equipments are placed which will help them to improve the quality of the equipments. If you are an end user of the equipment, there is a challenge of coordinating with service agency and get help on time to fix the issues that you are facing with the equipment. For service agency domain; they are facing problem utilizing their service engineers effectively to increase the productivity of service engineers to serve their customers.

After several brainstorming sessions with InnoAssist product team which includes our CEO and GM, we have decided our focus should resolve the challenges that are faced by key functional area of the maintenance domain, who we are focusing now Equipment Manufacturer, Service Agency, Equipment User; which we call these domains as 3 entities of InnoAssist.
InnoAssist system will work for any of these entity group automatically based on the subscription model. All the features of InnoAssist product will be available for the users, irrespective of the entity group and the flow will work automatically.

Equipment Manufacturer:

If InnoAssist is subscribed as Equipment Manufacturer, they would need to use product to monitor the equipment for the quality, by categorizing the defects, analyze the repeated issues that are reported by the end user of the assets/equipments. To attend to the breakdown/preventive maintenance service of the products, manufacturer admin will onboard several service agencies. Manufacturer can also manage/control the contract and compliance management of the service agencies they onboard.

Equipment User:

Equipment User admin can configure InnoAssist system to manage the equipments efficiently in order to increase utilization of equipments, using communication channel effectively between the end users and service agencies / service engineers.Work order management process will increase the productivity of the equipments by using preventive maintenance process,breakdown maintenance,and predictive maintenance of the equipments.

Service Agency:

InnoAssist facilitates Service Agency’s maintenance service to more than one customer by configuring the customer, asset details and establishing the annual maintenance contract between customers and service agency. Service agency can also onboard another service agencies as sub-contractors. Service Agency’s admin can also monitor the performance of Service Engineer from the feedback provided by the customers for their effective utilization.
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